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'She Delivered Herself': TikTok Mom Reveals Her Bizarre Experience of Delivering Baby in Sleep
In what may sound like an unreal incident, a woman revealed that she gave birth to her daughter while she was asleep. The TikToker, who goes by name@beyondboss, asked fellow users to share their birthing experience that would shock people and for Amy Dunbar, this post was 'made for her’. Sharing the 'unusual story' of her birthing experience in the TikTok video, Amy said that after 12 hours of continuous labour pain, she was given an epidural which gave her much-needed sleep and pain relief.After some time when a nurse came to check on her, she noticed that the monitoring equipment suggested a big contraction while Amy was asleep. Soon the nurse woke Amy up and told her that she had lost the baby's heartbeat on the monitor. However, the nurse assured Amy to not worry as this could have happened because of the baby moving inside the womb. The nurse asked Amy to flip as she 'tried' to find the baby.In the video, Amy continued, "Doing what I was told, I moved the blanket and was turning over, and I was like 'There's something going on."Amy noticed that the baby girl was already in the bed and ‘she delivered herself’ while sleeping. ‘The big contraction’ that the nurses noticed was because of the child being born.In her follow up video, Amy told that as she pulled the blanket, she saw the baby lying in a ball on the bed. Everybody noticed this and was left shocked. Amy's dad yelled for help and suddenly the room was filled with nurses and doctors.This Man Fixing 'Life-hack' Videos on TikTok is a Meme We Didn't Know We NeededViral YouTube Video 'Charlie Bit My Finger' is Now Being Sold Online as NFTNurses checked the newborn baby and handed her back to mom assuring that she was perfectly fine."It was really scary, but it turned out OK," Amy said.Since being posted, the video went viral on the internet and has garnered over 115,000 likes and 2,200 comments with reactions to the incident.In another similar incident which was reported by Yahoo News, a woman in Texas named Laura Thompson had given birth to his son while she was asleep.Read all the Latest News, Breaking News and Coronavirus News here